The Future of Recycling

Historically, Leftovers Recycling Services, LLC has been involved in the recycling of difficult or problematic materials.  We have worked on developing new uses and new procedures to facilitate recycling for commercial and industrial wastes.  We have coupled this effort with a goal of developing an infrastructure of regional facilities and a strong network of service providers and expertise.

Our current efforts are focused on addressing some of the biggest issues that face our country.  Environmental stewardship, energy independence and job creation.  It is our belief that these 3 issues can work together in a symbiotic relationship. We are committed to make that happen.

Recycling, for most people, is the daily nuisance of separating the trash. For us it is more. Our interest is in the utilization of those resources. In our view, the diversion of materials from the waste stream to the marketplace is an exciting opportunity. The elemental components of recycling such as returning your beverage container or old newspaper back to the manufacturers, to produce more containers or paper goods, while is a significant part of the whole process, it is not our interest. Our interests are in developing programs for the “not as easy to recycle” materials. This requires that we work on the methods and the mechanics of working with the non-traditional materials as well as developing uses for the recovered raw materials.

We believe that there are certain key factors that are essential to this success of our efforts:


  • Whatever we do must be done in an environmentally responsible fashion. The actions necessary to develop a raw material or produce a product should not create a new problem, or move a problem downstream.
  • Whatever we do must be done in an economically sound manner. The process should be established in such a manner as to be self sustaining, relying on the marketplace for cost recovery, as opposed to tax-payer subsidy.
  • Whatever we do must represent a benefit to our community. Developing new industry should be beneficial to the host community, not only from production of raw material but in the production of finished product. It is not sufficient to simply mine raw materials and ship them out.

We would invite you to join us in these efforts.  If you have large volumes of material that is being landfilled because you have seen no other options, let us know.  We welcome a challenge.  Please contact us with comments or questions.


Heinz Weverink

Leftovers Recycling Services, LLC