Generally speaking we view recycling as one component of sustainability. It is a necessary component to maintain a balance of available resources. However by itself it does not promote sustainability. If we are going to protect our environment and maintain a quality of life for all things living on the planet then we need to work towards sustainability.

We are working on adjusting our attitude. Even though our name focuses us on recycling, our personal goals make us look at more. Not just to look at it but to become an active participant in change.

We have engaged in various activities that are of interest to us and will prove beneficial to others. We look at them as a part of the whole. Currently we are working on food waste management as a company while addressing food security as individuals. Our next project will involve combining these 2 distinct but related projects.

Our first effort will be in developing an aquaponic greenhouse operation. It will be a prototype and a testing area for the various concepts involved in hydroponics and aquaponics. The results of this will allow us to spread the concept by replicating it. It will allow us to put people to work and to help provide a source of nutritious foods within our community. Keep watching as we post updates on our activities.