VAPOR COMPRESSION DISTILLATION is a system that treats industrial process water and waste-water streams. The System combines the benefits of distillation with those of vapor compression to greatly lower the cost of distillation for removal of water or concentration of other ingredients. It can be used for a broad range of applications and provides substantial economic and operational benefits to the user. Depending on local energy cost and the volume of liquids being processed, energy costs can be less than a penny per gallon.

What Can the System do for You?

Manufacture a water that can be sewer discharged

Eliminate sewer surcharges
Recover assets from a waste stream
Reduce operation costs
Process 1,000 to 300,000 plus gallons per day
Build to suit your exact needs

System Benefits

Low operating costs, no membranes or chemicals
Low energy costs
PLC controlled; runs unattended; user friendly
Minimize waste

The system employs a closed loop, anaerobic thermal conversion process that eliminates the possibility of combustion, thereby creating an environmentally favorable method of conversion when compared to traditional methods of oil extraction and logistics.  Using heat, negative pressure, dwell time and chemical extraction, the patented PVC System will simply, safely and profitably convert low-value mixed waste plastic into high value petroleum products.

The oil produced is considered a “Sweet” Crude Oil and is of high value to off site producers of ASTM spec Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Diesel, Gasoline, Jet-A and other transportation fuels and petroleum products.